Do you want to jump start your challenge with some great fitness ideas that go beyond your usual workouts? Start with military workouts. As the owner of Guru Muscle and ex-soldier who served 7 years as the infantry team leader and graduated from the army high school, I can tell you some points about how you can develop your skills and push your limitation physically and mentally. 

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1. A daily workout routine that pushes your limits

is the best way to prevent injuries and to promote mental and physical growth. You have to make the most of the eight exercises for each event. They can be done as fast as walking. Heavy squats are the foundation of the military workout. The great thing about heavy squats is that they can be done anytime. Sitting down is essential, otherwise you won’t develop the core properly to protect the back and legs from an overload of the bodyweight. Browse our gym brands and shop the gym wear that fits your needs during your workout.

2. Sweet twenty minutes of your workout

A) battalion training - this is the simplest form of a workout. It involves a series of timed runs/jogs in a row, back-to-back. We all know the benefits of a good cardiovascular workout but a grueling workout that tries to break your legs down to nothing is very important too. Adults should complete this workout around 46 minutes. Sprinter gets varying amounts of time based on their fitness level.

B) Swissball Medicine Ball Capsule - a very small ball that you throw with one hand to add resistance to a movement or a full body workout. This was my favorite form of resistance in high school. You can browse our resistance bands that help you with explosiveness. You would complete the movement and then immediately use the ball to complete another movement. The movement felt amazing and every movement was an absolute compound movement that required no reps and no rest.

Try to include these exercise (repeat 10 cycles of):

  • 30 regular pushups
  • 30 tricep pushups
  • 40 crunches
  • 40 squats
  • Wall-balls: 50 reps of 9kg at 10 ft
  • 20 pull-ups
  • 3-mile run

If you prefer to do it at a time then you can start with:

  • 2 minutes press-ups
  • 2 minutes sit-ups
  • As many pull-ups as possible
  • 1 and a half mile run

3. What about building your mental toughness

This has been and will always be the most difficult part for every person. You just have to follow 1 simple rule "Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable" :) This really is the key to building Mental Toughness. You build it every day. Wake up, eat healthy food, train, do some workout, try something new, move toward your goal. Stay motivated. Know your Weakness – Make it a Strength!


7 days a week


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