Suspension training uses the TRX Suspension Trainer, a fitness tool that was developed by a Navy SEAL. Randy Hetrick, the founder of the TRX, had a mission of staying in peak condition for duty, but with travelling so often for missions, he found it challenging to get effective workouts in without traditional fitness equipment.

Benefits of the TRX

1. FAST, Effective Full-Body Workout

There’s no need to pace back and forth at the gym anymore. You have the only piece of equipment you need in the TRX.

2. Increases Muscular Endurance

Since you can easily move from one exercise to the next without changing equipment, your muscles will be constantly working, increasing their endurance.

3. Great for ALL Fitness Levels

You can easily adapt each exercise to your workout level by changing your relationship to the anchor point. The TRX can be used by everyone from beginners to advanced individuals.

4. Can be Set Up Anywhere (Gym, Home, Outdoors)

The TRX is great for travelling because it only weighs 2 pounds. All you need is a door, a tree, or a pole to mount your TRX to and you can get a great workout in anywhere. The TRX is the perfect piece of equipment for anyone who travels frequently.

5. Affordable

Compared to buying multiple expensive machines and equipment to get full-body workouts, $200 for a TRX will seem like a steal. It literally does everything you need in ONE piece of equipment.

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