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Fitness is all about health. Physical and mental health. It makes you strong, fit and healthy. But to stay fit and keep up with your healthy lifestyle, it is essential to eat and exercise right. This article will tell you what is the best healthy food for your fitness journey and how you can get these foods in your daily diet without visiting your dietitian. You can also start by measuring your body mass index (BMI) level, which will show you total body fat. Healthy fitness meals don't have to be only vegan food. People also think that regular exercise is enough for your physical health, but they completely forget about the optimal daily food intake for health. We at Guru Muscle call it Food 4 Fitness. You have to have a good relationship with food if you want to live a healthier lifestyle.

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How can we categorize food? Calories play a big role in your healthy lifestyle!

If you are a regular reader of the Guru Muscle lifestyle blog, then you know that we are an advocate for healthy foods. But how can we classify food as healthy or not? There is no one answer to this question. For instance, fruit is considered healthy and some of them can help you with blood flow. It has vitamins and minerals but you also need to count on sugar and calories. You may think if I eat fresh fruit such as oranges and bananas, and salads made with lettuce and sweet potato, I actually eat healthy-but you don't! It's all about nutrition and how all foods are categorized. Let's take a look at what calories are.

Eating healthy starts with calories. Not with a snack from McDonald's or smoothie!

Calories are a way to measure the energy in food. And every personal trainer knows that. The more calories you consume, the more your body burns through its fat stores and uses up muscle tissue for fuel. This is why it's important to eat foods that provide adequate amounts of healthy nutrients and avoid junk foods with high calories. You can't lose weight if you keep eating fast food all the time. To achieve the physique you desire, you must make each bite of food count. Don't forget about the grams. That means focusing on the most powerful, nutrient-dense, disease-fighting, muscle-building meals available.

But how to start? With veggies only?

There are 5 major sources of energy in food: Fruit and vegetables, Starchy food, Dairy, Protein and Fat. Every day, you should consume at least five portions of fruits and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables are low in fat, so they're perfect for bulking up meals and keeping you satisfied without packing on the pounds. Potatoes, bread, rice, and pasta should account for around a third of your daily calories. They're high in energy, as well as important fibre, calcium, iron, and vitamins. Dairy and dairy substitutes are high in protein and vitamins. They also include calcium, which aids in the health and strength of our bones. Protein is high in fibre, vitamins, and minerals, and it is naturally low in fat. Fat is necessary for our diet, but most of us consume too much of it. Unsaturated fats found in plant-based oils like vegetable, rapeseed, and olive oil can help lower cholesterol and minimise the risk of heart disease. Unsaturated spreads with less fat are a good substitute for butter.

Carbs. Good or bad? Ask your personal trainer...

Carbohydrates are not bad for your body. Carbohydrates are essential to life, and our bodies need carbohydrates to function properly. There are two main types of carbohydrates: complex carbs and simple carbs. Carbohydrates are an important part of our daily diets. They are found in fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products, poultry and meat. Carbohydrates provide the body with energy for everyday tasks such as maintaining body temperature and brain function. Carbohydrates are digested quickly and enter the bloodstream, causing a spike in blood sugar and insulin levels.

Fruit, starchy vegetables, legumes, and whole grains are examples of natural carbohydrate sources that should be included in your diet. While certain carbohydrates are better for you than others, maintaining a balanced diet is the key to your healthy eating.

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People usually ask: What is the world's most healthiest food?

Well, while low-carb diets might help you lose weight quickly, they may not be the ideal choice for everyone. You may find a lot of healthier alternative that meets your energy levels. While low-carb diets can aid in weight loss in older and obese adults, more active people generally require a higher quantity of carbs in their diet for energy. The best food for the human body is a well-balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and seafood. The food should provide all the necessary nutrients for good health. In addition to providing nutrients, foods can also provide fibre, antioxidants, and other beneficial chemicals that have been shown to have significant health benefits. See one of the best healthy recipes and meal planning in our blog.

Protein, carbohydrate, fibre, vitamins and minerals

Here are the top 10 healthy foods to eat in 2021. These foods offer a wide range of nutrients that can help you reach your fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Protein, carbohydrate, fibre, vitamins and minerals are just some of the important things these food provide to make them good choices for those looking to be healthier as well as those who want to keep their weight down or prevent disease.

What are the 10 healthiest foods?


It is essential to drink at least 7-10 glasses of water every day. Water has several benefits for your body: it helps in maintaining the fluid balance, keeps your skin healthy and hydrated, keeps you energized, aids digestion and regulates bowel movements.


Dried fruits are very rich in fibre, antioxidants and water. They contain more vitamins than fresh fruits and have a low glycemic index so they help to control blood sugar levels which helps in weight loss. Dried fruits are a good source of fibre, antioxidants and vitamins. Some of the good examples are raisins, apricots, prunes.

What should I eat before a cardio workout? Berries, blueberries or cherries...

Because they are low in calories and high in fibre, antioxidants and phytonutrients. Phytonutrients, unlike minerals and vitamins, are not required for living. They may, however, aid in the prevention of disease and the maintenance of important body processes. Berries have a lower glycemic index than other fruits, making them a good choice for those on a weight loss diet. A study conducted by the University of Toronto suggests that consuming berries may reduce blood pressure and heart disease risk. And I simply love them. So tasty.


Whole grains have been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels. Grains are the most nutrient-dense foods that contain high amounts of vitamins, minerals and fibre. Some examples are brown rice, whole wheat bread, oats etc.


Nuts and seeds are great sources of healthy fats. They contain essential fatty acids, which help to maintain heart health and also improve cognitive function. Some examples are almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds etc.

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Fish and seafood are good sources of lean protein, omega-3 fatty acids and minerals like magnesium. It is also a great source of vitamins B12, D, E and K. Some examples are salmon, tuna fish etc. Salmon is rich in omega -3 fatty acids, a great source of protein and high in vitamin B. It also helps with weight loss.


Broccoli is a very good source of vitamin C and K, folic acid, calcium and fiber. It also contains sulphur compounds that may help in the prevention of cancer. Broccoli can be eaten raw or cooked with other vegetables for better digestion and assimilation.


Sweet potatoes are particularly high in vitamins C and B6, which are beneficial to the brain and neurological system. They're also high in potassium and magnesium, both of which assist to enhance heart health by regulating blood pressure. Sweet potatoes are a great source of beta-carotene, vitamin A and fiber. They also contain potassium which helps to maintain healthy blood pressure levels.


Peanut butter is a great source of protein, vitamin E and fibre. It also contains the essential fatty acids that help to maintain heart health and prevent cholesterol from increasing. Peanuts are high in magnesium which is important for maintaining bone health. Peanut butter also contains copper, a mineral that supports bone health, immunological function, and blood vessel health. According to several studies, eating enough copper in your diet might help you avoid osteoporosis and heart disease.


Yogurt includes a little amount of virtually every vitamin your body requires. It's renowned for having a high calcium content as well as being high in vitamin B, magnesium, and potassium. These minerals are necessary for a variety of biological activities, including blood pressure regulation, metabolism, and bone health. Yogurt also contains a significant quantity of protein as well as well-known "probiotics." Probiotics are living bacteria and yeast that are beneficial to your overall health, particularly your digestive system.


Dark chocolate is a great source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that can prevent the oxidation of other molecules in our body, thus preventing cell damage and maintaining healthy cells. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids which have been shown to reduce blood pressure and increase HDL cholesterol levels as well as improve memory.


The Last Healthy Tip - Grab a Banana

Bananas are great for you because they contain potassium and provide a quick boost of energy. They also help to reduce muscle cramps by replacing lost electrolytes, such as sodium and magnesium.

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